Businessary is your go-to partner for planning, executing, and managing Google Ads campaigns tailored to meet your business goals and long terms sales objectives. 

Are you looking to amplify sales and generate more leads through targeted B2B advertising?

Businessary is your go-to partner for planning, executing, and managing Google Ads campaigns tailored to meet your business goals and long terms sales objectives. Whether you are entering the world of Google Ads for the first time or are disappointed with previous campaigns, Businessary marketing consultancy services can make a difference.

We specialise in helping businesses like yours understand and leverage Google to target business-to-business markets. We can help you plan, set-up, execute and run Google Ads campaigns.

Investing in Google Ads is the fastest way to reach page one of a Google search. It allows you to really target your market as they are ready to buy. Our experts can diagnose and asses your business, advising you on the best strategy to achieve a return on your investment.

Businessary Google advertising analytics

Investing in Google Ads opens doors to immediate website and brand visibility on Google’s first page.

Google Ads is a robust platform that allows creating advertisements and bidding on chosen keywords to promote your ad. This competitive but highly targeted approach offers a strategic advantage for any business in the B2B space.

A well-structured Google Ad can provide extensive exposure to the Australian and international markets where most searches for B2B products or services occur. With the right partner, you can deliver the right message at the right time to those searching for the products and services like yours. 

Businessary marketing ensures that your ads appear in search results relevant to those areas by using specific keywords related to industries, company roles, or business sizes. For instance, targeting keywords like “construction project management” would attract decision-makers in the construction industry. 

Businessary google ad example

How Businessary targets your Google Ads

Audience Targeting

Google Ads allows Businessary to create custom audiences based on various attributes such as demographics, interests, and online behaviour. In a B2B context, this could include targeting users who have visited industry-related websites or engaged with specific professional content.

Location and Device Targeting

We can refine your audience by targeting specific geographic locations and devices. For example, suppose you are offering services specific to a particular region’s industry. In that case, you can display your ads only to users in that location and on devices predominantly used by professionals, such as desktop computers.

Placement Targeting

You can choose websites or networks relevant to your industry for Display Ads (assuming they are on the Google display network). You can place your ads specifically on those sites if there’s a popular online publication or forum for your targeted industry.

Always emphasising your return on investment, we will apply our creative and analytical skills to maximise the return on your Ad spend.

Businessary can offer insights to help you strategise, plan and implement a new Google Ads campaign to take your online advertising to the next level.

Whether you’re contemplating online marketing, revising your digital marketing strategy, or seeking to enhance an existing business-to-business Ad campaign we will focus on:

  1. Strategically planning, creating, and managing your Google Ads and campaign landing pages.
  2. Providing comprehensive and transparent reporting so you can assess the success of your advertising in real time.

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