Let the experts at Businessary support your business in complying with
the new legal obligation to demonstrate positive duty under the Sex Discrimination Act.

The Businessary team has read the report and understands the obligations you need to meet.

In the current landscape where workplace safety is paramount and sexual harassment prevention is not just ethical but a legal necessity, it’s crucial to partner with a team that brings not only a profound understanding of HR but also a shared experience. Businessary offers an extensive suite of business, marketing, and HR solutions crafted to ensure your organisation’s success without imposing significant financial burdens.

In alignment with the legislative changes recommended by the Respect@Work report, we advocate for and help facilitate a proactive stance towards compliance. This is not merely about meeting legal standards but fostering a workplace culture anchored in respect and safety.

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Different packages to suit the size of your business or choose a tailored solution.

By purchasing one of our packages, you will get access to document templates suited to the size of your business, along with support from our resident experts to support the implementation.

Businessary support is designed to navigate this complexity, equipping employers with the tools and expertise necessary to fulfill their obligations effectively. We provide the tools to help meet the workplace obligations and establish a safe and respectful workplace environment, ensuring you not only comply but also contribute to workplace equality and safety.

Businessary_LANA Respect@Work

All packages will include:

Risk assessment toolkit to support your business in assessing risks, developing a plan to reduce the likelihood of incidents happening and demonstrate that you have taken steps to protect people from harm and comply with legislation.

Communication assets to help you communicate and implement changes including email templates, information posters, guidelines and fact sheets demonstrating your commitment.

Documents to guide your approach in the workplace and set expectations and manage your risks which will include policies, procedures and frameworks.

Dedicated time with our in house expert: you can use the time to understand your obligations, plan the approach, or implement the solutions. Your place or ours.

Under the legislation, the requirements will differ depending on the size of your business.

Small Business Solution

For companies with less than 20 workers
$ 3,000 + GST
  • All documentation
  • Support from our experts

Medium Business Solution

For companies with 21 - 200 workers
$ 7,000 + GST
  • All documentation
  • Support from our experts

Large Business Solution

For companies more than 200 workers
$ 10,000 + GST
  • All documentation
  • Support from our experts

Custom Business Solution

For all companies that need expert support
  • Bespoke solution
  • Support from our experts