Strategic HR Projects

When the people problem doesn’t quite fit into the usual HR ‘box’ and the confidential nature of the project means you can’t lean on your internal team, we can be the behind the scenes support you need.

Sometimes you need the unique expertise of an HR director or executive that understands complex HR projects.

Our Managing Director, Annabel Rees, has over 20 years HR Director and senior executive experience across a range of industries and organisations. She is a sought after advisory for CEOs and HR Directors wanting an external lens and a safe pair of hands to implement confidential, complex or unique one off HR projects.

Lana Rajšić, our HR Manager, brings 17+ years of experience in Head of HR and operations roles across diverse industries including not-for-profit, engineering, tertiary, financial services, retail, and logistics.

Discover the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of tailored outsourced HR solutions, designed to meet your unique business needs. With Businessary, you gain access to a diverse range of HR skills at a fraction of the cost of employing a full team, backed by dedicated resources that flexibly adjust to your requirements. Our tried and tested experts are ready to hit the ground running from day one, offering the expertise to either craft bespoke solutions or seamlessly implement your existing strategies.

Not sure where to start?

Contact a Businessary HR expert for a confidential chat today.

At Businessary, we recognise that not all HR challenges are not always solved with standard out of the box solutions.

Whether it’s confidential coaching, organisational design, navigating leadership team dynamics, or handling intricate HR projects, our expertise ensures tailored, effective solutions to transform and future-proof your HR strategies.

What we can help you with:

  • Coaching and advice – Annabel is available for ad hoc coaching or advice – it can be difficult to discuss confidential people changes internally, but you need someone to bounce off ideas with or talk it through before implementing.
  • Organisational design – Seeking external guidance for organisational design change, especially when you are looking at changing an executive structure or leadership team is complex and not as simple as names in boxes! Annabel has a deep expertise in organisational design, leadership and functional responsibilities and can provide ad hoc advice right through to confidential design and implementation, including redundancy and risk planning.
  • Leadership team dynamics – As a Psychologist by background, Annabel has over 20 years experience in understanding the psychology of relationships, team dynamics, and can leverage a wide range of methodologies to work with a CEO or Chairman to bring about real sustainable change.
  • Complex HR projects – When you need HR expertise and it doesn’t quite fit in one box – maybe its a large people change or transformation project, maybe its a highly confidential issue with an executive, maybe its a building the HR strategy for the next 5 years, we have experience across a range of complex HR projects that we can share with you.

Businessary’s HR audit is the right decision because we offer expert, comprehensive assessments tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring a compliant strategic focus.

Our experience

  • Confidential go to advisor for a number of CEOs in insurance, financial services, food and hospitality, property, industrial, not-for profit, tourism, and transport.
  • Partnered with a CEO to build the HR strategy and due diligence to prepare a business for IPO.
  • Partnered with a Chairman of a technology business to undertake 360 degree feedback for the management team and a board review to identify cultural issues and bad behaviours.
  • Accelerated the forming and performing a completely new leadership team, running an offsite and developing and leading a 6 month programme to accelerate performance achieving all agreed metrics.
  • Worked with various CEO’s to implement changes in their executive teams, supporting them with organsiational design and complex conversations.

Our expertise

  • Lana combines her expertise in strategy development, employee engagement, workforce planning, process and policy improvement, industrial and employee relations, and performance management to help companies enhance their employee lifecycle. Throughout her career, Lana has successfully established HR functions in greenfield environments and implemented new HR service delivery models.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in various internal HR roles, including Head of People for OAMPS, a Wesfarmers business and HR Director for Korda Mentha’s people change consulting practice.
  • We have HR experts that have been HR leaders – Annabel has been Head of People, Jason has been Global Talent Acquisition leader – senior experience not just consultants.
  • We’ve sat in the chair, and get the internal challenges, and can appreciate the balance of delivery and internal management.
  • Annabel has also been a regional manager responsible for a $120M income / 220 person division, with all round executive experience not just in HR she is often referred to as the most commercial HR leader you can find

When we can help you

  • You need a dedicated HR team member but want to keep your headcount and costs down.
  • You want access to a wide variety of skills that you won’t find in one person – HR generalist, strategic HR, HR administration, or OHS, etc.
  • You need a specific level of expertise, not just support from a current team member.
  • You are looking to temporarily fill a role with someone than that can get going straight away.