HR Information Systems

At Businessary we know HR systems (also knowen as HRIS, HR managment systems, staff management systems, etc) – let us help you select the right stack for your business.

We know systems – let us help you select the right stack for your business.

If you are tired of running your people management by spreadsheets or finding that your payroll system isn’t enough, then you may be ready to implement an HR information system (HRIS). 

Alternatively, you may be looking to build on your current core system such as a payroll system with other systems that complement and integrate without costing a fortune but are not sure where to start. 

Businessary has experience with a wide range of systems, from payroll to talent, engagement, learning and performance management. We know large all in one systems such as Workday, SAP and Oracle as well as smaller boutique solutions such as Employment Hero, and every system in between. 

Not sure where to start?

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We are system agnostic – we have no attachment or relationship with any particular provider so you can be assured our advice is unbiased

An effective HR system can be crucial when you need a single source of truth for your employee data. A standard system would allow for employee profiles with automatic organisational charts, effective leave management, real time analytics of all key HR metrics, and employee self-service – ideally with a user friendly app!

There are a number of different scenarios where getting expert HR system help might benefit your business:

  • When you need an independent view on what is the best HR system or stack of systems for your business.
  • When you are ready to move from spreadsheets to systems but not sure where to start.
  • Negotiating with technology suppliers can be daunting – we have done it before and have relationships with many key suppliers, let us do the deal with you.
  • If you want to build a roadmap of investment and create the business case for a technology spend – we can help build a plan and write the business case for you.
  • Your leader is asking for HR analytics to give weight to a business case.
    You need someone with experience in HR and digital marketing cloud based solutions.
  • You’re looking for deep expertise in talent management systems (ATS), performance management systems and HR analytics.

Businessary impartial expertise and extensive experience in technology negotiation ensures you select and implement the most effective HR system for your unique business needs.

Our experience

  • We’ve purchased so many systems over the years sitting in leadership roles – all in one systems, large and small, as well as niche products. We have been the buyer, and can talk to our experience from the buying stage right through to implementation.
  • We mentored a new leader through the negotiation and purchase of a recent recruitment system saving over $20,000.
  • We negotiated and project managed the implementation of an all in one HRIS into several insurance businesses.
  • Our talent acquisition and EVP practice built a roadmap and tech stack plans for a bank refreshing their technology solutions.

Factors to considering when choosing a HR system:

  • Functionality and features – ensure the system meets all your HR needs, from payroll and talent management to employee engagement and performance tracking.
  • Integration capabilities – check if the system can seamlessly integrate with existing software and systems, such as payroll or other business operation tools.
  • User experience – consider a system with an intuitive interface and easy navigation to enhance user engagement and efficiency.
  • Customisation options – your chosen system should be customisable to adapt to your specific business processes and HR workflows.
  • Scalability – a system that can grow with your business, accommodating more users or additional features as needed.
  • Data security and compliance – ensure the system adheres to data protection laws and has robust security measures to safeguard sensitive employee information.
  • Cost effectiveness – also consider the total cost, including setup, subscription, and maintenance fees, and weigh it against the features and benefits offered.

When we can help you

  • When you need unbiased, expert guidance on selecting the best HR system or stack of systems for your business, tailored to your unique requirements.
  • If you’re looking to move from manual spreadsheet management to an integrated HR system but are uncertain about where to start.
  • Leveraging our extensive experience and supplier relationships, we can assist in negotiating with technology providers to secure the most advantageous deals for your HR system needs.
  • When you require assistance in building a comprehensive technology investment roadmap and crafting a convincing business case for HR system implementation or upgrade.