Business Reviews

Get a fresh perspective across a holistic operational framework and recommendations to improve your business performance.

Our tailored business review or ‘health check’ provides a snapshot of your business, an expert's perspective on what is working and where the opportunities lie, with a practical plan of real steps you can take to improve profitability.

If you are unsure of what to do next, or how you compare to the next business, we provide a fresh perspective of your business across a broad operational framework with user friendly recommendations on what to do next to improve your business performance.

Not sure where to start?

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What's included in your business review?

A business review is an invaluable ‘whole of business’ check. Do you have the cash runway to survive economic uncertainty, are you meeting your legislative requirements, do you have a clear plan in place for the business and do you have a clear focus, spending your time on the things that matter?

Your business review will include:

  • Initial interview, diagnostic and data gathering.
  • Independent review of business commercials – P&L, top 10 expenses, sales plan, marketing approach and income pipeline.
  • Summary report with clear actions for cost saving or growing revenue.
  • Business strategy and planning advice with access to user friendly templates.
  • Optional coaching package to help make any changes and keep you on track!

When we can help

  • Your business is at a crossroads and you would like an independent view of what to do next.
  • You need to complete a board review.
  • You are a leader of different branches or businesses and want a consistent view to compare the businesses.
  • Your business is in trouble and you need to find a way to ‘turnaround’ the business and understand your starting point.

Our expertise

  • Management consulting experience with expertise in best practice frameworks.
  • Leadership experience in big and small businesses – we have run businesses with $120M income and 300 FTE through to small businesses.
  • Functional expertise in HR, IT, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales – the full suite!

Our experience

Examples of some recent projects we have completed include:

  • Health check for insurance broking business in regional Victoria to assist in management decision making.
  • Review of transport business to build a business and succession plan for next steps.
  • Review of project team within a financial services business to assist in improving project success.