Redundancy and Outplacement

Organisational change, restructures and redundancy are unfortunately a business necessity, but providing a supported exit with career transition assistance (outplacement) is often the right option.

Businessary provides tailored outplacement services and redundancy support to help ensure your team has a supported exit and as smooth of a career transition as possible.

In addition to consulting on your org design and managing any resulting redundancies, we can provide your people with access to both one-on-one advice and a user-friendly online platform to prepare in advance for changing careers or to provide them with a supportive exit through these turbulent times

Businessary offers a range of outplacement solutions that meet the changing needs of people exit. Some packages provide 1:1 access and support via remote solutions such as phone, email and Zoom/Skype. We offer other solutions which can be self-directed learning.

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Not sure where to start?

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Small to medium business packages to suit different individual needs or we can provide a tailored solution.

Businessary stands out for its successful track record, exemplified by a 95% redeployment rate within six months in various scenarios, including the closure of a large manufacturer and transitions into self-employment. 

What we can help you with:

  • You are downsizing in your business but want to offer job seeking support as part of a redundancy package.
  • You want your people to start preparing for their next role and want to offer self-directed online career development.
  • You have been made redundant or are looking at a career change and want to take control of the process.
  • You are applying for jobs without success and want assistance to pinpoint how to do better.
  • You are a business owner that is letting go of long-term employees and want them to have help to find an interim role until your business is back on top.

The Businessary approach ensures a smooth transition for those facing redundancy, providing valuable resources and expert support in times of change

Our experience

  • Closure of large small goods manufacturer with average worker age of 55 years, 95% redeployed.
  • Strong links into the insurance and insurance broking markets with 100% redeployment.
  • Redeployment into self-employment.
  • 95% overall redeployment within six months.

Our expertise

  • Career management experts.
  • Psychologists.
  • Recruitment professionals.
  • Consulting and executive roles with real recruitment experience of what employers are looking for

When we can help you

  • You need a dedicated HR team member but want to keep your headcount and costs down.
  • You want access to a wide variety of skills that you won’t find in one person – HR generalist, strategic HR, HR administration, or OHS, etc.
  • You need a specific level of expertise, not just support from a current team member.
  • You are looking to temporarily fill a role with someone than that can get going straight away.