Ultimate HR Fundamentals Document Package

Our HR Fundamentals Package is your all-in-one ready-made document solution designed for SMEs to simplify your HR processes, ensure compliance, and build a positive workplace culture.

The HR Fundamentals Package is expertly designed with the unique challenges and needs of small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

We understand that every resource counts in smaller businesses, and HR functions need to be flexible and support your business goals. Businessary HR Fundamental Packages are designed to align with the operations of small to medium enterprises. SMEs face distinct challenges – from tight budgets and limited manpower. The HR Fundamentals packages include documents, templates and forms designed to serve as a business asset, giving SME owners and managers the HR tools to efficiently tackle employee-related matters.

The HR knowledge and practical documents included have been created by HR experts using the latest information ensuring that even the most complex employment matters are now easy to manage.  Put your brand on these documents and start using them from day one!

Packages available to suit different individuals or choose a tailored solution.

By purchasing one of our packages, you will get access to document templates suited to the size of your business, along with support from our resident experts to support the implementation.

Businessary’s expert HR team has consolidated legislative insights, practical HR tools, and expert advice into easy and accessible packages. Reclaim valuable time and redirect financial resources towards growth and innovation. This isn’t just about saving you hours and dollars, it’s about investing in a resource that elevates your operational capability and provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your HR framework is as robust as it is practical.

HR Fundamentals

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All packages will include:

Ready-to-use, customisable policies: your HR Fundamentals package includes an extensive collection of pre-drafted, adaptable policies that address a comprehensive spectrum of HR issues. Each policy is crafted to align with the latest legislative requirements and HR best practices.

Templates and forms for key HR processes: a suite of professionally developed templates and forms. The package simplifies the delivery of essential HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisals, and termination.

Step-by-step implementation guide: to ensure seamless integration of our HR tools into your business operations, we provide a detailed implementation guide. The guide facilitates the effective adoption of the HR package by walking you through the initial setup so you can confidently apply the HR resources provided, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Bonus 1-hour HR expert consultation time: kickstart your package implementation with a one-hour consultation with one of our seasoned HR experts. The session is designed to help you get started by offering tailored advice and answering any initial questions. Whether it’s guidance on policy implementation, customisation of templates, or strategies to address specific HR challenges, we can help.

Not sure which documents you need for your business?

Businessary has a team of leading experts in HR and people management. Our HR Health Check is an audit approach to understand your gaps and how to maximise your talent.

HR Basics

Includes all the essentials to get you started
$ 1,800 + GST
  • Essential Documents
  • 1 Hour HR consulting time
  • Getting started implementation guide
ChecklistWHS Walk Through
ChecklistNew Employee Actions
ChecklistOnboarding & Induction
FormDisciplinary Record
FormHazard & Incident Report
FormRegister of Injury
FormLeave Application
FormCompany Property
FormEmployee Details
FormPre-Employment Medical Declaration
FormSuperannuation Choice Form
FormTFN Declaration
PolicyAnti-Bullying & Harassment
PolicyCode of Conduct
PolicyEqual Employment 
PolicyGrievance Resolution
PolicyConflict of Interest
PolicyDomestic & Family Violence
PolicyIT & Social Media
PolicyDiscipline & Termination
PolicyFit for Work
PolicyWorkplace Health & Safety
PolicyManaging Performance
TemplateJury Duty Deferment
TemplateFormal Warning
TemplateWHS Action Plan
TemplateParental Leave Approval
TemplateParental Leave Notice
TemplateInduction Welcome Pack
TemplateProbation Completion 
TemplatePay Slip
TemplateEmployee Handbook

HR Pro Package

All the documents for complete HR coverage
$ 2,500 + GST
  • All the documents
  • 1 Hour HR consulting time
  • Getting started implementation guide
Basics Everything in the Basics Package!
Checklist Addressing Poor Performance
Checklist New Employee Actions
Checklist Onboarding & Induction
Checklist WFH Safety Check
Checklist WHS Walk Through
Form Company Property
Form Disciplinary Record
Form Employee Details
Form Employment Medical Sign-off
Form Expense Claim
Form Hazard & Incident Report
Form Leave Application
Form Payroll Deduction
Form Pre-Employment Medical Declaration
Form Register of Injury
Form Social Club Deduction
Form Superannuation Choice Form
Form TFN Declaration
Guide Induction Buddy
Policy Anti-Bullying & Harassment
Policy Attendance
Policy Code of Conduct
Policy Conflict of Interest
Policy Discipline & Termination
Policy Domestic & Family Violence
Policy Dress Code
Policy Equal Employment
Policy Expense
Policy Fit for Work
Policy Flexible Work
Policy Grievance Resolution
Policy Hybrid Working
Policy IT & Social Media
Policy Learning & Development
Policy Leave
Policy Managing Performance
Policy Modern Slavery Statement
Policy Privacy
Policy Quality
Policy Recruitment
Policy Respect@Work
Policy Social Club
Policy Social Responsibility
Policy Whistleblower
Policy Workplace Health & Safety
Template Counselling File Notes
Template Deed of Release
Template Extension of Parental Leave
Template Formal Warning
Template Induction Welcome Pack
Template Jury Duty Deferment
Template Monthly Reviews
Template Parental Leave Approval
Template Parental Leave Notice
Template Pay Slip
Template Performance Improvement Plan
Template Probation Completion
Template Request for Flexibility
Template Response to Flexibility Request
Template Statement of Service
Template WHS Action Plan

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The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is a document designed to help employees who are not meeting role or company expectations.

 A PIP focuses on:

  • Areas that need improvement
  • The performance measures
  • The skills/training and requirements
  • The plan time frame

During the life of the PIP, the employee will work with their manager to incrementally improve their performance, so that by the end of the time frame set, they are the required level of performance or behaviour.

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