HBDI and Whole Brain® Thinking

See how your team can work better (even remotely) by understanding each other’s thinking styles.

HBDI, otherwise known as the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, is a thinking styles assessment tool to effectively describe individual preferences in the workplace - it helps to understand what style of communication and tasks you and your team members prefer, as well as finding out how you operate under stress.

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What is HBDI?

Whole Brain® Thinking is a scientifically developed model designed to help people learn to think better. Research shows that there are 4 basic Thinking Styles™ that make up the Whole Brain.

As the name implies, different people think in different ways. Diversity of thought isn’t just about background, experiences, and opinions, although all of those factors tend to play a part.

Fundamentally, it’s about the differences people have in how they prefer to think.

At work, we need diversity of thought and ideas to solve tough problems and make smart decisions. The diversity of thought within organisations is one of the best resources available for thriving in the modern business world. This has been proven through our work with thousands of businesses around the globe facing critical business challenges.

When we can help

  • Help your team to work more effectively – an in person or virtual team building session is a great way to connect the team, have some fun, and better understand each other’s ways of working.
  • Leadership and board effectiveness can be improved by better understanding our thinking styles and that of the wider team – we can provide an integrated team building assessment process.
  • An HBDI session engages your team while also highlighting the importance of diversity of thought and respect for each other’s thinking preferences.

Our expertise

Our Managing Director Annabel Rees is a certified HBDI practitioner. Find out more about what that means or for more information on HBDI on the Herrmann website

Our experience

Examples of some recent projects we have completed include:

  • A full business HBDI exercise for a Queensland-based insurance brokerage.
  • A leadership HBDI workshop for a Queensland-based not-for-profit business.
  • A team building HBDI workshop for a Melbourne-based project management organisation.
  • We also internally maintain our own HBDI fundamentals to ensure our team understands and performs well together – and also with our clients.