Executive coaching has repeatedly been found to be the most successful method to enact an enduring behavioural change. 

Our executive coaches are both experienced business leaders and psychologists, the best of both worlds.

What’s included in your executive coaching?

Individual coaching:

Coaching is very different to counselling – our approach is what is referred to as a tri-model, where we involve you, the coach and a representative from your workplace e.g. manager. This approach ensures that the sessions are focussed on behaviours that have been linked to business outcomes, as well as providing an independent view on the change. We have found this transparent feedback approach is linked to improved business outcomes. We recommend using psychometric assessments or 360 degree feedback to complement sessions.

Team coaching:

Are you a new team? In the forming and norming stage? Or is your team not functioning and you need to come together and start afresh? Team coaching is a great way to improve productivity, cohesiveness, effectiveness and business performance. We develop a program based on your goals and timeframes with a combination of team and individual sessions to maximise the experience. We also recommend using the HBDI team assessment and profile.

When can we help:

  • You are in a senior role and know you need to make some changes to take the next step in your career.
  • You are new to leadership roles and are looking for independent advice on how to improve.
  • You are looking for an advisor or support that is external to your business that you can relax and share your mistakes and gaps without worrying about any internal implications.
  • You are a manager worried about someone in your team and believe coaching is the last chance to support them.
  • You are a manager of a high performer and want to assist them with improving and taking their career to the next step.

Our expertise:

  • Our coaches have over 20 years’ experience in business leaderships roles, within small and large businesses, sales  to functional roles that can match to your specific needs.
  • A background in psychology means sessions can use a number of techniques and methods that research has shown can maximise long term behavioural change.
  • Specific expertise in start up coaching and business turnaround – a unique and valuable skill set during economic change.

Our experience:

Examples of recent projects we have completed include:

  • CEO from an insurance broking business needed a trusted advisor to better manage his executive team.
  • Senior manager that received a poor performance review and 360 degree feedback, that she was surprised by – her manager arranged coaching sessions to help her understand her gaps and address these better.
  • A young female high performer in a male dominated business was provided a coaching package by her business to sharpen her management versus leadership skills during a complex project roll out.

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