Business Strategy & Planning

Having a clear strategy and a plan is fundamental for any business as it sets out to achieve the desired end goals or objectives.

Our approach focuses on delivering real commercial results, based on lessons learnt at Harvard Business School.

“Here’s what I know to be true – the most difficult and often most expensive part of strategy implementation is aligning the sales and go to market activities with a company’s strategies and goals. The key is aligning the big picture strategy with ‘on the ground’ sales execution.” – Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School
When can we help with your business strategy and planning?

Commercially AND people focussed. Get a clear path to business success.

If you feel like you’ve been struggling to make time to undertake some business planning, getting expert help can get you back on track. Perhaps your business isn’t growing or needs to adapt to survive, we’ll help you put the right plan in place to turn things around.

What are the steps involved in your business strategy and planning?

At a high level, our approach to aligning strategy, planning and sales involves a combination of:

  1. A coherent strategy.
  2. A commercial focus on profitability.
  3. The right incentives.
  4. Recruiting and selecting the right people.
  5. Developing a performance culture.
  6. Sustainable and consistent on-the-ground sales behaviours.
  7. A relentless focus on the alignment.

A standard business plan includes the following sections:

  • Introduction.
  • Business mission, vision and values.
  • Current market conditions – economic and competitor.
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
  • Operating model and people, technology and go to market approach.
  • How you will sell and sales approach.
  • Financial modelling, pricing and profit and loss projections.
  • Action plan – what you are going to do, when and by whom.