Workshop Facilitation & Presenting

Let us facilitate your workshop or present at your conference and we can keep you on track, engaged and help you meet your objectives.

Planning days, conferences or team offsites are a valuable way to bring a team together, learn, develop and engage in a strategy or plan and identify clear outcomes to take forward.

Research suggests that having an external facilitator rather than relying on a member of the team to do the facilitation has five-fold benefits on the value and outcomes of the day. A professional facilitator provides an independent voice to challenge, manage time and pace as well as drive clear goals for the day.

Not sure where to start?

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What's included in your facilitation?

Types of workshops:

  • Redefine your vision, mission, and values.
  • Refocus your strategic direction and planning.
  • Build your teams connection and effectiveness.
  • Enhance and grow your leadership effectiveness and high performing teams.
  • Develop your employee capability and soft skills.
  • Engage and energise your remote teams.

There is no one size fits all solution. We know that each workshop is unique and needs to be tailored to your needs. We engage your people from start to finish and match the best facilitator, so you get the most benefit of their specialist and industry skills and knowledge.


When we can help

  • You’d like to run a session with your team and be a participant rather than facilitator.
  • Your team needs help coming together and you want a team building session that isn’t like all the others!
  • You need an objective and independent facilitator to pave the way for honest and productive discussion.
  • You have limited time and need to make the most out of it and keep it on track.
  • You have conflict within the group and need to break through the conflict and manage personalities.

Our expertise

  • Our experts have over 20 years’ experience in facilitating engaging, participatory and outcome driven workshops.
  • Bringing teams together with a common language and purpose.
  • Providing game changing expertise in defining strategy, solving business challenges, and identifying opportunities through group sessions.
  • Designing tailored workshops to suit your business.
  • Fresh intellectual capital to your business.