5 top tips for a winning company culture

company culture

Did you see our Managing Director, Annabel Rees, featured in the company culture article in NIBA‘s July edition of Insurance Adviser magazine? Here’s a sneak peak below, or go here for the full article.

To achieve a winning company culture

‘Annabel Rees, Managing Director at Businessary, shares some sage advice for those seeking positive vibes.’

5 top tips

1. Everything has a consequence – Make sure you reinforce and reward positive cultural behaviours, but be prompt and responsive when you see negative and toxic behaviours in your workplace, too.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate – Have a good set of values and be clear in communicating what they are. They’re your guiding posts for a culture and without them, your people will be unsure of what it is you really stand for.

3. Do an engagement survey – Make sure you’ve got good HR infrastructure in place to support your workplace culture. Do an engagement survey every 12 months so you can assess what your people are telling you, then keep on top of it and keep active.

4. Walk the talk – The leadership team needs to walk the talk. They need to be role models and communicate what they want a positive culture to look like, and equally what’s not accepted.

5. Establish a good HR life cycle – This means having a good system in place from start to finish – beginning with recruitment, to induction and performance management. Finally, the cycle concludes with having a strong process in place for when people exit the company.

For more information

Stay tuned for the full Insurance Adviser feature article when it becomes available, until then, if you’re interested in how you could improve the culture at your company, let us know at [email protected]