Warning signs your company needs outside help

Wearing too many hats and trying to accomplishing everything on your own are the worst mistakes you can make as a company owner. It can cause stress, burn out, and even reduced team morale.
Business loan experts from Max Funding provide testament to such struggles. Shane Perry says, “If you’re running a company, you’re probably wondering if you can do everything alone, or whether outside help is worth it. You might be uncertain if your skills are enough for the company or whether people would value your expertise. It’s normal; everyone has reservations; how we handle the challenges is what matters. Don’t give up when things get rough; ask for help.” Here are some of the glaring signs your company needs a hand—or hands:

You’re missing deadlines

The first sign that your company needs help is when you’re always late to deliver tasks. You or the team are struggling to finish everything on point. Deadlines can be overwhelming and can influence the consistency of your productivity. You can overcome this dilemma by outsourcing work. In doing so, you’ll have more working hours to commit to your core tasks. It lets you focus on the things you do best.

You’re saying no to business opportunities

Retaining a sole trader company allows more autonomy and suggests lower costs. However, you might be forced to say no to business opportunities if you don’t have the required capacity. Opportunities are necessary to grow your company and accomplish your goals. You could be losing value and keeping your company from progressing by not taking ventures because you’re understaffed. To avoid losing precious clients, consider outsourcing work.

You’re struggling with work-life balance

It can be demanding to run your own company, especially a startup. It’s expected that your leisure time can be cut short. Not to mention, trying to do it all by yourself could wear you out and cause you to need unplanned time off to recover if you become unwell. In the long run, this could pose serious consequences for both you and the company. Therefore, delegate and consider outsourcing whatever you can.

Your sales go downhill

There’s a multitude of reasons that could explain why your sales are decreasing. If the cause turned out to be limited marketing experience for example, you might solve this by seeking external help from a marketing agency that can support you with building and executing your brand and marketing strategy. Outsourcing companies typically work in specialised fields or professions, which means that you can be confident of top-quality results for specific tasks when you work with them.

Stressed out and overworked staff

When you have a limited number of workers who have committed duties, an increase in workload can be stressful. While you recognise that you need more staff, you might be worried about the extra costs of employing full-time workers. You could talk to a recruitment expert who has a good knowledge of the employment market, and might have some creative employment solutions for you. Keeping employees overloaded, though, is unlikely to be helpful in the long run. Workers who are stressed and unmotivated in the long term can become unproductive, or worse – they could leave. Not only can outsourcing get the job done, but it also tells your employees that you care about their well-being.

What should you outsource

The opportunities to outsource are endless, so how do you know where to start? You should consider what your key strengths and expertise are. If you have a team, think about what they can do, and what makes best, commercial use of their time. For example, if you have an amazing sales manager, don’t way-lay their potential to sell your products with recruiting your next employee. Outsourcing the recruitment piece will likely be more efficient, and should mean your sales don’t suffer. Think about the problems you need to solve to keep your business moving towards your goals, and find a reputable business that provides those services. Most organisations will share their credentials on their website. Ask to sit down with them to discuss your situation, to see if it’s a problem they can help you solve.

Get proactive – find the help you need

When everything’s well, running a company may seem straightforward. Yet when the warning signs start showing up, you need to take action quickly At Businessary, we provide a range of services to help organisations find a clear path to business success. Think of us as a trusted advisor that supports you to meet your business challenges to optimise performance. Whether you need help to lead and grow your business, refine your HR policies and practices, employ the right talent, or market your business to increase sales, we’re here to take the headache out of your complex business problems.

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