Restructures and Organisational Development

A successful change or restructure starts with a clear connection between the strategy and future structure, role decisions are made regardless of the current people involved and the change is executed with transparency, clarity and by meeting legislation requirements.

Sounds easy right…?

For leaders and manager, the many moving pieces when it comes to change, and restructures can be challenging and difficult to manage and get right!

For employees, organisational restructure and change can be a fearful and unsettling time without open and transparent clear communication.

Change and restructures that are handled well are those where the managers and leaders communicate the structure change and the clear reasons, provide a supported change plan, allow employees time to settle into the new structure, and provide focus on rebuilding the team, clarifying individual roles and expectations.

Restructure and change management is not something you want to get wrong or do poorly. Getting the right support to help your business make the right changers for the future is important.

Businessary are experts at restructure and organisational development, let us help you transform your business and ensure you have the right employees and they are on board!

We can provide your business with training to up-skill your leaders and managers, as well as support and manage the change process, support includes:

• Presentation and guides on change
• Templates on Leading Self and Other through change
• Change policies, forms, letters
• Consultation presentation and guides
• How to restructure ‘right; – what you can and can’t do guide
• Over 30 required redundancy templates, letters, forms for all stages
• Calculated redundancy payments guide
• Team building using Herrmann International (HBDI) team building for leadership

Learn more about our online HR Toolkits for Change Management here.

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