What’s wrong with my current website? Find out if you need a new website.

We often see small-to-medium businesses balk at getting a new website when they have an existing one. And you know what? If that website is working for that business, more power to them! But if the website isn’t performing and helping you achieve your business objectives, perhaps instead of asking yourself if you can afford a new website you should be asking yourself if you can afford NOT to have a website that does what you want it to do.

Reasons you should stick with your current website

There are a number of reasons why you should stick with the website you have:
  • It does what you want it to do. If your existing website gives you more good leads than you know what to do with (good problem to have, friend!), or you’ve already got too many clients and not enough people or resources to service them, you’re probably ok to let it roll on!
  • It’s easy to update with fresh news, photos, blogs, information, and you regularly do so.
  • >You’re not clear on your business purpose, services, products or pricing – in this case we would say perhaps hold off on a new website until you’ve got the right strategy underway.

Reasons to consider a new website

However, there are a number of reasons you SHOULD consider a new website:
  • It’s not performing the function you want it to (i.e. giving you new business leads, making life easier for existing clients, lifting your brand profile.)
  • Your website isn’t mobile optimised? You definitely need to do something about it. Google punishes those sites that are not mobile friendly. Not sure if your site is mobile-friendly or not? No problems, Google gives you a tool right here to check.
  • Your website looks stale, amateurish or outdated, this could reflect poorly on your business (did someone on your team create your logo with clip art on a PowerPoint? This is you.)
  • You’re unable/not easily able to update the content (text AND images) on your website, or you have to pay every time you want it done.
  • Your information is hard to find or your website requires too many clicks – poor user experience can cause potential clients to look elsewhere!
  • You’ve added lots of pages and content (good on you for trying to keep the site alive), but now you’ve gotreally long URLs and many sub directories…guess what? Google probably doesn’t like you very much so your page may be relinquished to ‘the best place to hide a dead body’ – the second page of Google.
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Did you know?

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