10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. It’s a complex puzzle that requires understanding, precision, and strategic thinking. A marketing strategy isn’t about following a trend or copying competitors. It is about building a roadmap that resonates with your unique business landscape. Here are ten concrete reasons every business needs a bespoke marketing strategy. Clear Direction & […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and the future of B2B Marketing

AI tools Midjourney

Have you heard about AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL·E 2 or Midjourney? If not, you soon will. Whether you decide these are useful tools or the end of the world as we know it, here’s what the Businessary Marketing team wants you to consider. AI tools: friend or foe? The future is here, people. Kids […]

Clash of the titles: Sales versus Marketing

sales versus marketing

The difference between sales and marketing The sibling rivalry between sales and marketing can raise questions about the difference in functions and goals between the two. Is there really a difference? If so, which is better? Strong sales techniques are vital in driving business revenue and growth, but who are you going to sell to […]

Top 6 reasons you need to be investing in SEO

investing in SEO

Understanding the basis of what search engine optimisation is, or SEO, will set the stage for you determining whether or not it’s something your business should be investing in, what’s the importance and what you should know about SEO as a digital marketing channel. We’ve put together 6 things you should know about investing in […]

7 Steps to Setting Up Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

Setting up your Google My Business Page

First, let’s talk about what a Google My Business page is. A Google My Business (GMB) page is simply a business listing that shows up in Google when your customers search for your business name e.g. “Businessary” or when they search for services that you provide within your local area e.g. “Human Resource Consulting”. Your […]

What determines the cost of a website? – Businessary

Need new website, website cost

If you’ve ever built or gotten quotations for a website you’ll have learned that website costs can vary a lot! Why are the prices so different and how do you decide what’s appropriate to spend on a website for your business? Determining a budget for your website Well, there’s a few factors that can determine […]

How to Build a Successful Google Ads Campaign

How to build Google Ads campaign

Are Google Ads right for your business? Determining if Google Ads are going to be right for your business is the first step to growing your business online. Knowing how to run a successful Ads campaign would be the next step. So, if you have already established that Google Ads is the right fit for your business then you […]

4 Reasons You Should Invest In Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

invest in Google Ads

Have you ever liked the idea of running some Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) but never really know whether you should or if it will work? Here 4 reasons why you should be using Google Ads, the leading platform for search engine marketing (SEM). 1. Get to Page #1 FAST with Google Ads (formerly Google […]

Why does your insurance business need a digital presence?

Does your insurance business need a digital presence

What if we could marry up some of the best elements of traditional insurance broking, with the ease, availability and convenience of online business? Insurance and digital were unintentionally the star of this year’s VERO SME Insurance Index. The index found a significant decline in the use of insurance brokers by SME businesses. The trend […]