Case study: Google & Social Media Ads
Learn about how we partnered with Timeless Groceries to supercharge their digital ads and drive return on investment.
Case study: Google & Social Media Ads

Timeless Groceries was an innovative outcome of the COVID-19 lockdown. Previously a catering business, the team pivoted to offer market fresh, quality groceries at a competitive price – delivered safely to your door. But how to let people know? That’s where we came in. 

Client background

timeless groceries google ads social media ads case study

After launching the Timeless Groceries business with incredible speed to market, the business was already geting some initial grocery delivery orders and building a small but loyal customer base. Unfortunately, the business needed to grow, and quickly, to replace the revenue from Timeless Catering during this time of social distancing and lockdowns. 

There was so much opportunity for the business it was almost hard to know where to start. The team had partnered with many other local businesses to offer quality, market fresh products at a competitive price that would also allow people to support small, local businesses, and increasingly important value for many Australians. But the business could also offer heat-and-eat meals, and wasn’t limited to just fruit and veg but also toiletries, sauces and more. 

We were so pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Timeless Groceries and help them grow – and even more excited when the team arrived to the strategy session with several incredible platters from their catering division (pictured). 

How we helped

The Timeless Groceries and Businessary team members held a marketing strategy session to map out all the key elements we would need to help drive growth, including identifying the points of difference/key messages, primary audience, channels, steps required and timing. From this we were able to put together a clear action plan that helped to prioritise the huge list of opportunities in a way that would deliver quick revenue through the door and then the team would work through the next phase of deliverables. 

The action plan was unique in that Timeless Groceries had in house capability to work on the website, so Businessary took the reins for the Google Ads and social media ads and it was a true collaboration between the two to drive clicks and improve website conversions. 


Through keyword research and ad testing, we were able to decrease the cost per conversion on Google Ads by over 70%, and increased the Facebook and Instagram ad clicks by over 450%. 

Facebook and Instagram ads

But the best part was when the Timeless Groceries team told us that they had more than doubled their orders within the first few weeks. This is why we do what we do. 

And, in full disclosure, some of those orders came from our team because we know a good product and service when we see it! 

timeless groceries grocery delivery social media ads google ads, facebook, instagram


“We had a good feeling that this was going to be a strong partnership, and we’re very happy to be seeing the growth and results so quickly. The Businessary team is really proactive in providing guidance and helping to prioritise our to-do list, and have become a sounding board not just for marketing but our overall business strategy. Safe to say we’re looking forward to what we can achieve together over the coming months!” 

– Luke Friedrich, Director, Timeless Groceries 

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