Businessary launches Mappit: A refreshing new performance management platform

Businessary is excited to announce the launch of Mappit – an innovative performance management platform that aims to make people management in businesses easier and more effective.

Introducing Mappit

Founded by Annabel Rees, Businessary’s CEO, Mappit offers a comprehensive, intuitive, and affordable solution that addresses the unique demands of every organisation. Mappit introduces a fresh approach to performance management by providing easy-to-use customisation options that empower businesses to tailor their performance reviews and feedback surveys for their teams.

At the core of Mappit is an intuitive user experience focused on a visual map that summarises performance assessments, enabling businesses to gain insights into their teams. Mappit’s focus on fostering a growth mindset within organisations is a key feature that helps enhance productivity while promoting a culture of adaptability and growth. At Mappit, we are confident the platform will redefine the people management landscape, streamlining the process and making the whole experience more enjoyable for the employee and the people manager.

“Mappit is more than just a performance review tool. It’s a platform that supports businesses in their journey to foster a thriving and engaged workforce. With its comprehensive and intuitive features, Mappit is poised to become a game-changer in the world of performance management,” said founder Annabel Rees.

Mappit’s future is bright, with plans to include new assessment tools to help businesses uncover critical skills hidden within their teams.

For more information about Mappit and how it can benefit your business, visit Mappit Website or request a demo today.

Measure and Improve Business Performance with Mappit

Mappit offers an industry-leading survey tool that enables businesses to measure, manage, and maximise their team’s performance. Whether you need performance reviews, 360 assessments, engagement surveys, or want to delve into our proprietary mindset surveys, Mappit makes it easy to complete and provides a unique visualisation summary enabling the manager to focus on the team rather than the software.

Mappit gives you the head start needed to track and improve competencies

Mappit is fully customisable, allowing you to select from an extensive library of items, competencies, and factors or fully tailor them to meet your unique needs. You can use Mappit’s templates, customise them, or bring your own. The drag & drop form builder allows you to create templates with different question types.

Mappit’s user-friendly web interface is accessible on all devices and website browsers. You can brand the system and reports with your logo, and the system design and report can reflect your brand and brand colours, even when managing multiple brands.

Mappit’s comprehensive PDF reports enable you to share information with individuals and managers. Spend less time on the system and more time engaging in a constructive conversation with all the data at your fingertips in a visually appealing, user-friendly report.

Compare data over the long term

Mappit summarises business gaps to build out your training needs and broader organisation development and learning and development plans. You can easily identify how your business and team are performing over the short and long term.

Mappit is more than just a performance review tool. Request a Demo here.