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EVP & Employer Brand Case Study

Embarking on a discovery process for an organisation that operates with the mission to looks to find out what Australians are thinking through their research sounds slightly intimidating. However, we were able to dig deep and uncover what makes their people chose to work there and why they continue to choose to stay.

We’re driven by an underlying passion to find out what people are thinking.

Master the Craft.

JWS Research celebrates evidence based strategic thinking grounded in robust methodologies. The team has the curiosity and experience to deliver clear and actionable insights you can trust.

Next step: Bringing the JWS Research EVP to Life! 

Meaningful Connections.

When you join JWS Research, you are joining a business that offers Variety, Impact and Growth.

You are exposed to projects that truly make a real impact on the lives of everyday  Australians.

We are passionate experts that are empowered to develop our craft through the  variety of interesting projects that we work on – no two days are ever the same.