Employee Engagement and Culture

“You won’t find a happy customer served by an unhappy employee”

There is a known and strong correlation between a positive engaged employee and business productivity and performance. Engaged employees are more likely to give discretionary effort on key tasks, and deliver quality customer service, leading to better business outcomes, growth and client retention.

Engaging and retaining your employees is key to a thriving business!

How do you know if your employees are engaged? And how do you improve this engagement?

Being able to put a business finger on the pulse of your employee population and measure their engagement is important for a business to be able to make business decision on how to best retain, manage and incentive your talent… and know exactly where improvement need to be made for business growth!

Employee engagement surveys are an effective and efficient way to put the finger on the pulse and be able to make important decision not only in the immediate future, but long-term utilising trend analysis.

We can provide a tailored employee engagement survey for all your employees and provide you with a comprehensive feedback report and recommendations.

We can also support your business engagement though:

• Manager training on culture, engagement and retaining talent
• Team building advice and coaching
• Annual engagement action plan templates
• Retention solutions for ‘at risk’ employees
• Herrmann International HBDI profiling workshop for improved team work and understanding
• Incentive and retention strategies to retain high performers and key people

If you’d like to know more please contact us for a free 30 minute HR discussion on your business needs.