Company Induction

Often, we see companies investing heavily in their recruitment process to ensure they hire the best person they can to fulfil the role. However, we also see how often companies underestimate the importance of ensuring the right processes and steps are in place to get that person onboard and inducted as effectively, seamlessly and positively as possible.

Unfortunately, investment made at the recruitment stage can be threatened and end up incurring further costs if an employee has a negative experience when getting onboard with the team, which may even cause them to leave.

Your employees can either be an advocate for your business, or be left with a less than great impression of it based on their experience from the very start of the recruitment process and beyond!

You want to ensure that they embody the values and culture of your business, and the best way to do that is to have a holistic onboarding and induction program that ensures you communicate and instil your values and culture from the very beginning.

We know the importance of first impressions and starting right, therefore we provide comprehensive tailored programmes and supporting resources to ensure the right start and positive employee experience  This programme includes:

• Onboarding and Induction Programme
• Onboarding checklist for new starters
• Induction handbook for new starters

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