SwitchCo: Career Making Experiences

EVP & Employer Brand Case Study

Running an EVP and Employer Brand project for a Project Management company might sound like a high bar but the Businessary and SwitchCo teams collaborated so well together and the result is a fresh, authentic approach to attracting and retaining top project management talent. We were so pleased to see this one come to life!
SwitchCo EVP Case Study

SwitchCo’s Employee Value Proposition as seen out in the wild.

It starts with a careers page.

One of the foundational pieces of getting the most out of your EVP is often a refreshed careers page. The Businessary team loves a challenge, and retrofitting an ambitious design to a fairly rigid existing web structure certainly fit the bill. We’re delighted with the outcome (and, more importantly so was the SwitchCo team), and you can view it for yourself via the button below.

We then supported the launch of the careers page with a targeted recruitment marketing digital ad campaign and assisted with recruitment technology integration to help automate the initial steps of the application process.