Case study: Outsourced Human Resources (HR)
Find out how you can get the benefit of a fully resourced HR team without the commitment and big budget of an internal overhead.
Case study: Outsourced Human Resources (HR)

We’re proud to be a long standing preferred partner and trusted HR advisor for a prominent Australian specialist underwriting agency, giving them the benefit of a fully resourced HR team, without the commitment and big budget of an internal overhead.

Client background

Our client is a prominent Australian specialist underwriting agency that has a long and well respected reputation within the insurance industry. With a workforce just shy of 50 employees, our in depth knowledge of their business and their people provide invaluable benefit in identifying and improving people and business performance.

As a growing business, there was a clear need to have a solid HR function and start delivering on people management initiatives to grow capability, performance and importantly, compliance.

They engaged with us as their trusted and highly regarded HR advisor as an alternative to the ongoing commitment and budget of an internal resource. This provided them with the opportunity to benefit from all the resources, experience, and expertise of an entire HR department to support their business and deliver HR needs, but the flexibility to manage costs according to business need and budgeting.

How we helped

Over the span of our partnership, we’ve provided strategic and operational people management support. From large projects with careful planning and project management, to on call HR advice as and when issues arise, we have provided timely, thorough, and tailored HR support to our client, including:

  • Business advisory support to the executive leadership.
  • Support managing organisational restructures and redundancies.
  • Facilitating annual talent management planning.
  • Remuneration review and salary benchmarking.
  • Advising on performance and conduct issues and necessary action to address and ensure a compliant process.
  • Position description development.
  • Manager and employee HR advice line for confidential support.
  • Supported employee exits through outplacement and risk mitigation
  • HR policies and processes.
  • Regular updates in legislation and changes relating to the business.

We’re proud of our service and our commitment to ensure that our client has a strong HR support behind them to grow their business and people performance and capability no matter their size or budget. That is our passion.


Our client, like many small and medium businesses across industries, has the difficult job of carefully balancing budgets, resources, business needs and opportunities whilst facing the many challenges both internally and externally.

Through our strategic and operational people management support, the business has established strong, compliant HR function, clear performance measures and built capability and management strength to manage performance effectively and reduce costs through proactive management of underperformance while retaining high performers.

We helped reduce excess cost to the business through restructures, workforce planning and job design that improved efficiencies and streamlining of processes, resources and deliverables.

Internal secondment advice following talent review allowed for growth opportunity internally and elimination of recruitment costs and additional unnecessary headcount.

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