Case study: HR Audit - you don't know, what you don't know.
How do you know where to start when it comes to your HR or people needs? In this case study, an HR audit was the perfect solution.
Case study: HR Audit - you don't know, what you don't know.

Our client knew they had some internal people challenges and issues, but they didn’t know where to start to best address them. We were brought in to complete a comprehensive HR audit and point them in the right direction. 

Client background

The client is an Australian IT company providing outsourced IT solutions exclusively to accounting firms, who employ technical specialists to deliver IT solutions and support.

Having struggled with challenges ongoing for years, they were facing a fork in the road whether to attempt to resolve the issues in-house or engage an external expert to assess the source and solution to the challenges they were facing.

Initially the management team believed that their challenge was how to performance manage staff who were underperforming, and how to employ new staff when they had been unable to attract high potential talent in the past few years, or fill a role that has been open for over 18 months.

How we helped

We were engaged to conduct an HR audit to assess the current HR practices and processes in place as well as compliance with legislation.

The HR audit assessed six key areas of the business: compliance, culture, communication, talent management, performance management and strategy/planning.

The audit involved an onsite assessment meeting with key managers and a systems review.

This gave us a clear picture of the processes and systems in place, as well as managers’ capability to perform the requirements, mitigate risk and improve.  We were able to ascertain the current issues that the business is facing and target the source and underlying issues.


Following the HR audit assessment, we were able to provide a clear picture of the current landscape that was insightful and confronting for the management team as they were unaware of the underlying issues and causes.

The business was provided with a clear plan and recommendation to help mitigate risk, resolve gaps and improve structure, processes and capability to manage and maximise individual and business performance.

The business implemented the business critical recommendations and is in the process working through the remaining recommendations in order of priority. The business is now compliant with legislation following resolution of identified breaches to employment conditions, as well as actively addressing performance issues. 

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