Not sure where to start? HR audit and reviews are a great starting point. 

We undertake a full audit of your business across the core areas of HR management to provide a real assessment of your business’ unique needs and can prioritise our support to best address these issues ensuring business compliance.

What we can help you with 

Our HR expert will come to you (or schedule a call with key people in your business) to ask all the right questions to truly understand the baseline of your HR practices.

Our HR audit measures the current status of your HR and business practices and provides the basis of our HR advisory support. Divided into six sections, some examples of questions we ask:

  1. HR compliance – are you meeting all the legislative requirements? Are policies and procedures up to date? Do you have a sound health, safety and well-being approach? Are HR manuals, policies and position descriptions completed and up to date?
  2. Strategy and planning – do you have clear business plans and strategic objectives? Do your people know them and understand how their role is linked to your strategy?
  3. Performance – do you have a performance management system? Clear career paths and role clarity for your people?
  4. Talent – is your employee turnover at healthy levels for your industry? Do you have a training and development approach? How do you recruit and select talent?
  5. Culture – is your team or business engaged? Do you have clear mission, vision or values that explain ‘how we do things around here’? Do you induct new starters well and consistently?
  6. Communication – how do you communicate internally? Do you have a social media approach and are you active? Do you send media releases and create effective PR events?

Meet our experts

At a glance

When to get HR audits and reviews 

  • You are worried your business isn’t compliant with HR legislation.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know and want an HR expert to identify any gaps and provide recommendations.
  • The business has undergone a step change (either growth or reduction) and you want to see what’s next.
  • Your undergoing a HR and people transformation and you want a baseline to refer back to.
  • You want an independent perspective to influence a key stakeholder.
  • You want to move your HR function from transactional to strategic but are not sure where to start.

Our experience

  • Audit of a start-up e-furniture business growing quickly but wanting to check they were keeping up with HR compliance.
  • HR review of global fencing company wanting a roadmap of recommendations to give the inaugural HR manager.
  • HR audit of Australian dried food manufacturer – a new HR manager wanted a baseline of the current position, and an expert’s view of recommendations of what to do next.
  • A new CEO of an Australian logistics company wanted an independent view of HR capability, capacity and budget.
  • HR audit for an Australian IT solutions company wanting to assess exposure and source of current people issues and recommendation for addressing.

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