Case study: EVP & Employer Brand
What do you do when you have a great brand story but know you're not making the most out of your EVP?
Case study: EVP & Employer Brand

Businessary partnered with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to deliver a series of projects in talent acquisition transformation, strategic sourcing and EVP/employer branding.

“Partnering with Businessary allowed us to see the forest through the trees. Their understanding of our journey and organisational nuances meant that we were able to prioritise and coordinate key stages far quicker than if we were managing in-house, guided with specialist expertise.”

The story 

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, an Australian owned, top 100 ASX listed company, with more than 110,000 shareholders, are Australia’s fifth largest retail bank, with more than 7,200 staff helping more than 1.7 million customers to achieve their financial goals.

Businessary completed a review of talent acquisition earlier in 2019, and our findings concluded that whilst there was overwhelming recognition throughout the business that EVP was important to the bank and recruitment, it was clear, that current state was more about ‘benefits’ rather than telling their story. 

Businessary was engaged in a discovery and design program of work to develop and bring to life Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s EVP and employer brand strategy.

Our role

We helped create the bank’s EVP through an audit and analysis process and then deployed the ‘tried and tested’ method of asking people. We identified the program purpose and objectives, mobilised the program team, summarised their current EVP and facilitated internal focus groups.

Next, we completed a gap analysis of the data and this was calibrated with existing data (e.g. engagement and exit surveys) and consolidated into a framework that was both simple and sufficiently comprehensive for the talent acquisition and marketing teams to bring to life.

The outcome

Businessary’s creative and design team worked with the bank’s TA and marketing teams to create a playbook that provides ‘Employer Brand Guidelines’.

This playbook allowed the TA team to start to create new and update existing assets such as their career website in a way that they knew would resonate with their target audiences and talent segments.

By outsourcing the heavy lifting the bank was able to quickly implement the first phase of their long-term employer brand strategy.

The business is now well placed to leverage the design assets and content to deliver updates to internal and external collateral such as job ads, reward and benefits as well as launch campaigns targeting different talent segments with clarity of the value proposition to attract the right candidates.

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