Have you taken the new Fair Work quiz?

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With the crackdown in 2016 by the Fair Work Commission on businesses meeting their obligations to employees, you cannot afford to not know what your obligations are. The Fair Work Ombudsman website has a great online ‘Workplace Basics’ quiz that is a quick and free way to test your workplace knowledge about everyday workplace issues. […]

Employer compliance spot checks across Australia

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As part of a new campaign focusing on checking whether employers are compliant with both their employee obligations as well as employer record-keeping obligations, the Fair Work Ombudsman has been announcing ‘spot check’ audits over the last few months on businesses throughout Australia. Compliance spot checks coming to a region near you In March this […]

Gross misconduct or gross employer error?

Gross misconduct

Understanding what constitutes gross misconduct, what isn’t and the process a business needs to follow to minimise their risks. According to Fairwork Australia, gross misconduct, also known as serious misconduct, is any “conduct by an employee that is intentional and causes serious immediate risk to the health and safety of a person, or the reputation, […]