Talent Blazers EVP podcast featuring Businessary

PODCAST: The importance on getting discovery right when building a meaningful Employee Value Proposition (EVP). https://youtu.be/RCAo4mlIZMo [TRANSCRIPT ]Talent Blazers (TB): My next guest has almost two decades leading in-house teams in insurance, technology and banking as well as consulting cross travel, wholesale retail and the financial services sector. His experience spans recruitment strategy and transformation, to […]

Do you want an award winning employer brand?

award winning employer brand

Did you know that it’s possible to build an award winning employer brand from the ground up in just one year? We were very excited to see that our client, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, was listed as a finalist for the new employer brand for the Internal Talent Awards (ITAs).  The ITAs celebrate excellence in internal talent […]

Creativity & Collaboration, from a PowerPointphobe with Mondaymorningitis

creativity and collaboration

*spoiler alert* I love telly, if you’re one of those “I don’t have a TV” types then hit back or remove the connection. 😉 I’ve posted a few times on LinkedIn how much I love ‘Desert Island Discs’. It is my go-to podcast and because it is aired on a Sunday morning in the UK, it acts […]

How to build your own Employee Value Proposition / Employer Brand

create EVP employer brand

Starting your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand TA pals, I get it, you keep hearing about EVP and employer brand and how important it is that you do something about it. As a TA leader or consultant, it’s your problem to solve right? There are some magnificent employer branding examples of massive banks, tech giants […]

How to lose a role before you even apply


We’re in the midst of recruitment for a number of roles, and the process has highlighted a few things that we wish applicants knew or would take into consideration to avoid taking themselves out of the running before the race begins. That may seem harsh, and perhaps it is. Finding the right person for the […]